Who’s On Board: Rebecca Stewart, Interim Executive Director

29 Mar 2021 10:09 AM | Anonymous

From an early age, Rebecca Stewart was introduced to the charm of historical buildings and the power of real estate. Rebecca’s father was a big advocate for reusing historic buildings and preserving their unique features. One of his favorite passion projects involved converting an old broom factory into their family home, where Rebecca lived for a short time as a child. It was during this period that Rebecca first fell in love with the charm and solid architectural designs of historic buildings. Pursuing a real estate career of her own was a natural calling for Rebecca, and she has now been in the industry for over 20 years. Working closely with Preserve the ‘Burg, Rebecca is able to help protect the historic buildings of St. Pete’s past, such as the ongoing project with the Shell Dash Cottage.

When Rebecca first moved to St. Pete, 20 years ago, she wanted to feel connected to the past and the stories St. Pete had to tell. When she first learned about Preserve the ‘Burg’s passion and commitment to the city of St. Pete, she knew she wanted to get involved. Rebecca is constantly inspired by the Preserve the ‘Burg volunteers and their shared passion to keep St. Pete special. Watching the organization grow and preserve historical local buildings to give them a new life has been the most rewarding work Rebecca has been a part of throughout her time with Preserve the ‘Burg.

While a member of the Board, Rebecca was asked to step in as Interim Executive Director, and has been temporarily managing Preserve the ‘Burg ever since. Her passion and commitment to St. Pete and Preserve the ‘Burg has guided the organization throughout this time, finding new ways to engage with the community. Rebecca, alongside Preserve the ‘Burg president, Harry Heuman, are excited to welcome a new executive director later this year, and feel confident the organization will continue to expand opportunities for the community to get involved in preserving St. Pete.

When it comes to historic preservation, Rebecca encourages the St. Pete community to walk around the city and take in the past that is constantly around us. “The buildings have stories,” Rebecca claims, “and it allows us to see the buildings the same way other people looked at them over 100 years ago”. Honoring the past and present begins with learning about St. Pete’s history and getting involved within the community to preserve what keeps the city special. Rebecca’s vision for the future of Preserve The ‘Burg includes partnerships with developers to ensure the city continues to grow and preserve the unique buildings that give the city character.

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