Giving Tuesday: Generosity Makes a Difference

01 Dec 2020 2:00 AM | Anonymous


Today is Giving Tuesday—a national effort to raise funds and rally support for nonprofits around the country. 

Today, I ask you to take a moment to close your eyes and imagine St Pete without the Vinoy. Without our waterfront parks. Without buildings like The Detroit Hotel on First Block or the Crislip Arcade on Central Avenue. For me, it’s impossible to imagine St. Pete without these places, and I imagine it’s difficult for you, too. 

Places like these make St. Petersburg special, and they stand proudly in our city today thanks to the tireless efforts of a few individuals willing to commit their time, energy, and resources. These individuals proudly make up Preserve the ‘Burg and their expertise has helped shape our organization into the city’s authority on cultural and historic landscapes of importance. 

We need your help to continue our efforts at a critical moment in our city’s history. With the development boom ongoing, our Advocacy mission is more important than ever. At the same time, our events and tours—the primary sources of our fundraising—have been dramatically impacted by COVID-19. 

This Giving Tuesday, we’re asking for your support to continue our work to educate, advocate, and celebrate. Every donation, regardless of size, helps us further advance our mission and keep St. Pete special. 

In addition to the many reasons to donate, there are tax benefits for charitable contributions. This year only, special tax benefits are available for charitable giving. You can deduct up to $300 in cash donations if you take the standard deduction, or up to 100% of your AGI if you itemize your deductions. 

One of the biggest ways you can make a difference for Preserve the ‘Burg is by becoming a member, or renewing your existing membership for an additional year. Members get free access to walking tours, exclusive access to member only events, and special pricing on all PTB events—and your annual membership fee helps make a major difference in our efforts.  

If you’re not able to donate at this time, you can still make a difference! Please share this letter with friends who may be able to donate. It’s also very easy to start a fundraiser on Facebook, who is generously matching up to $7 million in donations nationwide today. And, as always, we appreciate your voice on our many advocacy issues as we work with the City of St. Petersburg on our four cornerstone issues

You can find information on Preserve the ‘Burg’s important advocacy issues on our web site at As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to continuing to preserve St. Pete’s history while shaping our future. 

I am always amazed at what people can do if they work together. I am asking you to join us and become part of the movement that is keeping St Petersburg special.


Ken Grimes

President, Preserve The ‘Burg

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