First Block  - The heart & soul of downtown

The best way to protect the history of First Block is to designate it or the buildings on the block as  local landmarks. Designation provides a review process with public hearings so that potential adverse impacts associated with redevelopment can be balanced against what keeps the block special! The city initiated district designation in 2013, inviting block owners and the public to comment. Two of the buildings on the block, the Detroit and Bishop Hotel buildings, have been individually designated as landmarks, the applications for designation having been prepared and submitted by SPP.

On Oct. 20, 2016, City Council considered the block's historic district application and deadlocked in a 4 to 4 vote, meaning the district designation, at least for the time being, has been rejected. Mayor Kriseman voiced support for the designation but has yet to take action to protect the block since the council deadlock vote.

Making your voice heard can make a difference in whether Mayor Kriseman or city council take further action! You can urge council to recognize the historic values of  the block and to protect the block by sending council a message - we've made it easy to do so, just click this link to send a message or create your own email, send it to! You may also want to send a shout to Mayor Kriseman and remind him we are still waiting for him to take action to protect First Block!

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First Block is essentially where the 'Burg started with the construction in 1888 of the Detroit Hotel in conjunction with the coming of the Orange Belt Railroad. The historic photo above (note the street car tracks in the  brick street!) shows a portion of the Detroit and the "Peacock Row" building that was owned by Frank Pulver, who was known in the 1920's as the city's millionaire bachelor mayor! You can click here to view a city report about the block's history, including many more historic photos.

Unfortunately, with the council deadlock vote rejecting historic district designation, block owners wasted no time in putting forward a block redevelopment plan - the easiest way to describe the plan is it calls for a "monster" 25 story tower in the midst of the block.  You can view the redevelopment application, including renderings of the tower by clicking here. The city concluded that the owners' initial application for redevelopment approval was incomplete. No further information has been submitted to move the application forward.

It is also important to remember that the owners at First Block do not have the right to build as big as they want just because the property is in the middle of downtown. In fact, the city has specifically rejected such a claim, noting that for the last 35 years the city's planning process for the block has included maintaining its historic character. This means the block's special character is one of the factors that limits development potential, just like building heights, setbacks and other development requirements may do. By the way, those limitations were put in place long before the primary property owners bought into the block.

First Block Significance

  • Oldest and most significant block in the city - location for some of the city’s earliest businesses
  • Majority of buildings within the block are pre 1910 structures, some of the city's oldest
  • Only one historic structure on the block has been lost (building at 1 Ave. N. & 3 St., demolished in 1966)
  • All other structures retain excellent historic integrity - Excellent examples of early 20th century commercial architecture
  • The buildings are associated with city founders and pioneers and were designed and built by prominent architects & contractor/developers

Benefits of Local Landmark Designation

  • Minimizes potential for demolitions or alterations that would significantly harm the block’s historic & cohesive sense of identity
  • Recognizes and showcases the significance of the block
  • Provides tax incentives for property owners within the block. 
Don't forget to send a message to city council that you want to keep First Block special!

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