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PTB Needs Your Help & Voice Now.

First Block, also known as the Detroit Block, has a long history dating to the 1888 construction of the Detroit Hotel. The block is located in the heart of downtown between Central Ave. & 1st Ave. N. and between 2nd & 3rd Streets. The picture to the right is an early one of the hotel.

The block is threatened by a massive high-rise development proposal. The "monster" tower proposed is pictured to the right.

The best way to protect the block is to designate it or its buildings as a local landmarks, either individually or as part of a district. Two of the block's buildings have already been so designated. Historic designation and block protection is not likely to happen without the public speaking up!

Send your letter to the city urging them to say yes to landmark designation for First Block and its buildings and yes to keeping St. Pete special! Write your own personal letter or use the letter below. Thanks for doing your part! Ask your family and friends to do so too!

Want to get more info? Click here to go to the PTB First Block page or click here to view the block owners' redevelopment application with more depictions of the "monster" tower.

Keep St. Pete Special.
PTB Needs Your Help & Voice Now.

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