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First Block

Help Protect “First Block”
Where it all started for the ‘Burg!

Downtown’s First Block, home to the 1888 Detroit Hotel & Jannus Live, is threatened by the owner’s desire to redevelop the block with high rise buildings. Designating the block as a local historic district is the best way to protect its history and to keep it special. Click here to read more to send your message to City Council.


Yes to a Driftwood
Neighborhood Historic District!
Driftwood, a small but special neighborhood south of 22nd Ave. S. along Big Bayou. Recently, its most historic home, the Gandy Home (“Mullet Farm”) was sold & demolished. The best way to ensure the rest of the neighborhood stays special is to designate it as a historic district. Click here to read more and to send your message to City Council.

Mirror Lake

Protect Downtown's National Register
Historic District & Mirror Lake

The area around Mirror Lake is a special area within the Downtown National Register Historic District. A high-rise tower is proposed across the street from the 1916 library. New development should be compatible with the neighborhood & historic district – this tower won't be. Click here to read more & to send your message to City Council.

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The look and feel of St. Petersburg, its sense of place, makes the city special and significantly contributes to its success. The development boom is changing the city and threatening that feel with out of scale development incompatible with its surroundings. Join our Advocacy Action Team – get the info you need and make your voice heard to keep St. Petersburg Special!

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