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the Open Partnership Education Network for an Aresty Speaker:

 Jeff Speck

Author of Walkable City

November 13th, 2019, 7:00 pm  - The Palladium Theater

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Learn about our current advocacy issues.

The look and feel of St. Petersburg makes it special and significantly contributes to its success. The development boom is changing the city and threatening that feel with out-of-scale development incompatible with its surroundings. 

Learn more about our current advocacy issues and how you can get involved. 

Action Team: Let's make our voices heard.

Join our Advocacy Action Team and get the information you need to make your voice heard to #KeepStPeteSpecial! It takes our collective voices to be heard to recognize neighborhoods and buildings as local landmarks, to stop the loss of the buildings and places that keep St. Pete special, and to ensure city council and the mayor remember preserving the 'Burg is important.

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