The Great St. Pete Trivia Challenge

How Much Do You Know about this City We Lovingly Call The 'Burg?

Are you a "newbie" in your knowledge of the Sunshine City, or have you lived here long enough to learn as much as a "local"? Or maybe your knowledge base reached the level of a "native"? Now is your chance to find out! 

Play the Great St. Pete Trivia Challenge by clicking any of the games below! What do you win? The best prize of all! Bragging rights!! Depending on the level of knowledge you display in your answers, you'll be designated a Newbie, Local, or Native. Then you can share the quiz on social media and impress all of your equally bored and quarantined friends with your designation. What could be better than that?

Play by clicking one of the game titles or pictures below!

Game Six: The History of Baseball in St. Pete

Test your knowledge about St. Pete's long love affair with baseball!

Spoiler alert! To read about baseball in St. Pete without taking the quiz, click here

Game Five: Great Women of St. Petersburg

Meet some of the fascinating women that have left their mark on St. Pete. 

Spoiler alert! To read about Great Women of St. Pete without taking the quiz, click here!

Game Four: 11 We Lost: Buildings St. Pete Should have Saved"

Take a walk down a bittersweet memory lane as we revisit demolished buildings in St. Pete.

Spoiler alert! To read about the buildings without taking the quiz, click here!

Game Three: Based on local trivia related to Movies in the Park!

You don't need to be a movie buff for this one! It uses past Movies in the Park titles as jumping off points for some great local trivia questions!

Game Two: Based on St. Petersburg's Historic First Block

You can brush up on your knowledge of First Block by visiting the PTB information page here

Game One: Based on PTB's Historic St. Petersburg Self-Guided Tour 

You can order your own copy of the Self-Guided Tour from ouronline store

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